Турция будет искать новых союзников, если от нее отвернутся США – Эрдоган

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged the administration of US President Donald trump to reconsider the attitude to Ankara, threatening otherwise to look for other friends and allies.

“It is too late, Washington must abandon the wrong ideas about what our relationship can be asymmetric. USA must realize that Turkey has alternatives (partnership with Washington — Interfax),” he writes in an article published Saturday in the newspaper “new York times”.

He warned that “in the case that it is not possible to overcome the tendency (U.S. — if) unilateral actions and disrespect, we will need to look for new friends and allies.”

Erdogan has warned that Turkey will not ignore hostile actions from the United States. He reminded that Ankara has imposed sanctions against several us officials after a similar Washington’s move against her. “In the future we will act on the same principle,” he said.

He also accused the USA that they “have repeatedly been unable to understand and take into account the concerns of the Turkish people. In recent years, our partnership has passed the test of strength, as there were disputed issues”.

He recalled the preacher Fethullah Gulane, who lives in the United States. Ankara accuses him of orchestrating the failed coup attempt in 2016 and vainly calls for his extradition. Another issue Erdogan believes the US provided support to paramilitary Kurdish groups in Syria. Turkey is fighting against them.

In addition, Erdogan reminded of the story of the American pastor Andrew Branson, who is in Turkey going on trial for supporting terrorists. Washington is seeking the release of this man and even imposed sanctions to exert pressure on Ankara. Erdogan said that he had repeatedly asked the US not to interfere in this issue, as it must decide, the Turkish judiciary.

“Unfortunately, our efforts to change this dangerous trend have not produced results. If the US starts to respect the sovereignty of Turkey and not show that they were aware of what threats facing our nation, our partnership can be called into question,” writes Erdogan.

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