A number of definitions

A number of definitions

To put on the red house-chest of the company “Louis Vuitton” is, therefore, a shame and insulting sanctities.

So, for the record.

The cemetery nearby, half of which consists of murderers, with the mummy of the main killers in a separate pyramid is, therefore, not a shame, but just that this is the Shrine is.

Millions deleted in the dust — effective management.

Blood interventions — the costs of caring for the sacred borders.

Throw on residential areas vacuum bombs — the restoration of constitutional order.

Shoot aviation columns of refugees — concern about the territorial integrity of the state.

Spraying artillery shells corpses to death zaputannyh — the fight against terrorism.

Choke hostages with gas and shoot tanks at the bomb school children — also the fight against terrorism.

Do not let the Norwegians to the drowning sailors, and to lie that all have been killed — the protection of state secrets.

110% frantically voting for a new President Putin in the last hours before closing of polls — fair elections.

To steal votes, beating protesters and put them in a cage as a warning to others — also fair elections.

Article Politkovskaya harming Russia. Ramzan Kadyrov —Russian Hero!

Kasparov and Guriev — the fifth column, Kobzon and Leps with the Taiwanchik — elite of the country.

Stas Mihailov — lead vocals, Shilov is painting.

Danilkin — it is justice, if someone forgot.

Mammoth — freedom of speech. He and Orthodoxy, God forgive me.

To enter all governing co-operative in the list “Forbs” — luck businessman.

Under the guise of cutting fifty billion dollars — the triumph of the ideals of Olympism!

To ruin, five other children are disabled, if only they went to American adoptive parents, patriotism!

To ruin thousands of children, because the country is embarking on mass production of fifth generation fighter aircraft, no money for medicines is Russia rising from its knees!

All this, in short, not shame, and sheer pride.

A shame — box “Louis Vuitton” on the red square!

What we are vulnerable.
Viktor Shenderovich
* * *

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