A question for blockheads: a former MP has suggested Ukraine to refuse independence

Former member of the Party of regions Olena Bondarenko in the air of Russian propaganda broadcasts offered Ukraine to refuse Declaration of state sovereignty

Four years of annexation: what happened with villas Kuchma and Yushchenko in the Crimea

With such a cynical proposal ally of fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych made a statement on the Russian outreach program “Sunday night with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

Bondarenko said that Ukraine’s desire to join NATO is allegedly contrary to the terms of this Declaration, adopted in 1990.

“It is in this paper have been rigidly fixed geopolitical course of Ukraine towards neutrality. This was a guarantee that Ukraine so easily released from the Soviet Union and all the other alleged guarantors supported the independence of Ukraine…” — said the controversial ex-regionalka relative Declaration.

She cynically asked whether Ukraine should abandon this document, she plans to join NATO.

“I have a question for this, sorry blockheads: we’re a Declaration to cancel? Then let’s admit that Ukraine today is an independent state”, — said Bondarenko.

She also added that the fate of the Ukraine have decide to “other uncle”, saying that the country is allegedly not independent.

Earlier it was reported that ex-MP Olena Bondarenko, in his speech in the Bundestag at the conference “human Rights and media freedom in Ukraine”, said that in the country there are 30 million inhabitants.

From the rostrum of the Bundestag Bondarenko convinced that over the past four years have left the country “every third” Ukrainian.

According to the former MP, in Ukraine today there are five thousand political prisoners, and remained in the country, 30 of the 45 million residents — the rest “fled the country due to very poor life.”

“We had 45 million, there are now 30 million of These people are fleeing from the good life? No. They run from a very bad life,” said former regions.

While Herman has called for sanctions “against the regime from the Maidan”.

We will remind, earlier Politeka reported that the controversial ex-regionalka changed her appearance.

It was also reported that the controversial “regionalka”, hater of America went to the United States.

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