A real ideologist of the unification of the opposition is Medvedchuk, — Riganow

“The opposition bloc” and “For life” teamed up on the basis of ideology which was formulated by Viktor Medvedchuk.

So a political commentator Kirill Ruzanov in the air “channel 112” commented the news about the Association “the opposition bloc” and “For life” and creating “Opposition platform For life”, as stated November 8, Yury Boiko and Vadim Rabinovich.

“The event is very important for the whole political landscape, not only for the opposition sector. Because we are now seeing not only the unification of the opposition, we are observing a remastering of the main opposition forces,” said a political observer.

Cyril Rysanov stressed that the ideologist of the unification of the opposition is the Ukrainian politician, the Chairman of the political Council of the party “For freedom” Viktor Medvedchuk.

“And here you can agree with Viktor Medvedchuk, who for many what was the ideologist of this Association,” said Rezanov.

According to him, “now we are seeing “an attempt to unite around the interests of a more strategic, around the principles that are understood as an opposition to the voter, and the elites can join it.”

According to Kirill Ryzhanova, on line enterprises around the ideology which was formulated by Medvedchuk, is promising. The political analyst stressed that Medvedchuk formulated the basic ideological principles to merge in an interview with French Le Monde.

“If we continue this line to unite around the ideology, the principles that were announced by Medvedchuk in an interview with Le Monde in particular, it can be quite promising,” predicts Riganow.

According to political commentator, “in these circumstances will not matter who will be elected thus a single candidate, because the focus will shift from the individual that will represent one of the groups or be neutral to the personality, which expresses certain principles that are common to all.”

Recall that the Medvedchuk told about the strategic goals “of the Opposition platform — For life.”

As reported Politeka, Medvedchuk announced the creation of the Association “platform of the Opposition For life.”

Also Politeka wrote that the analyst stated that now Medvedchuk depends on who will be the presidential candidate of the United opposition.

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