A single candidate from the United opposition has a real chance to get into the second round, Viktor Medvedchuk

The main objective of the political Association of parties “For life” and “Opposition bloc” is the representation of the South-East and around the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine

Such opinion on air of TVTS expressed member of the party “For life”, the leader of the Public movement “the Ukrainian choice — the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk.

The politician noted that today’s voter is the main theme of resolving the situation in Donbas and the cessation of hostilities.

“I hope that this is important for future presidential candidates and the parties that will run for the parliamentary, would be required to submit specific plans and ways of how they are going to solve the number one problem in Ukraine. And this hope gives me confidence that we can move. And next year, maybe (I’m not saying it will be), can be positive for the solution to this problem,” — predicted the politician.

According to Viktor Medvedchuk, in the public political process it participates to a greater or lesser degree virtually all the time.

“Another issue is that the media, especially television channels, not really with a huge desire to hear that point of view, which I advocate. And given the fact that I was in his position fundamentally consistent, it’s not to everyone’s taste. I will say more: it is the majority of the population of Ukraine, unfortunately for me, today is not like it. But it’s true, it’s a reality,” said the leader of “Ukrainian choice”.

The politician also said that he and the party “For life”, to which he belongs, will be required to participate in election campaigns, especially now that there are negotiations on creation of the political Association “the Opposition bloc” and the party “For life”.

“I want this Union took place, as it will represent the interests of the South-East, the Russian-speaking population. I think it will be a serious message for people who have lost faith in many ways and in many principles. I think if this Association will be held, it will be able to consolidate those forces which uphold the principles for a peaceful settlement and to fight what is happening”, — said Viktor Medvedchuk.

The electorate, which today can count the United opposition, is 30-35% of all Ukrainian voters, said Medvedchuk. This, according to policy, not only the South-East, but the Russian-speaking population, including supporters of the former “Party of regions”.

“When we talk about the fact that this Association may receive trust votes of these voters, we believe what? Today, any sociology of the two parties, “the Opposition bloc” and “For life” — are on a par. It’s from 6 from 7 to 10-11%. And even the last sociology I got 9-10-11%. That is, about a month ago in the first place was the “Opposition bloc” … Now there is a “For life”. All the other parties today support have not. Moreover, you understand that you can not clear the electoral field or, to be precise, the subjects that this electoral field will work… Well, look, there’s the “Opposition bloc” is “For life”, and all the rest ― you do not pay attention… We never are going to. We must prove by our actions and have to prove what we want to fight and what we see the protection of their rights and legitimate interests of these people…”, — said Medvedchuk.

The leader of “Ukrainian choice” believes that if politicians from the opposition camp will take your ambition and start thinking about the rank and file voters, the candidate from such an Association has all the real chances to get to the second round.

“If the cornerstone will be placed ideology, representation… Can you imagine that today we announced the merger. We say that we give the message to people: there are political forces who will protect your interests. I guess it’s better than “the Opposition bloc” than the party “For life” than “Revival” and many others. And it makes sense. That is, to unite on the basis of ideology, and then to participate in presidential, parliamentary and local elections,” — summed up Viktor Medvedchuk.

We will remind, began Ecumenical Synod, which should decide the question of Ukrainian autocephaly.

As reported Politeka, another Church in Ukraine is concerned about the granting of the Tomos.

Also Politeka wrote that with the support of Medvedchuk’s “For life!” has all chances to join the coalition in the new Parliament.

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