“About Putin’s twins”

“About Putin’s twins”

Here’s what I think about it. Although I could be wrong. The twins had, of course.

First, security reasons.

Every year it is becoming more suspicious.

Even abroad leaves not only with the chef, but with food for the kitchen, right down to the drinks.

And even his food and drinks the first test dog, or a guard. That is, it repeats Stalin in the last years of his life.

Second, the twins needed him for reasons of prestige:

Putin still has not grown up and likes to play “spy”.

It is important that the people knew about his counterpart: it is his understanding talks about the importance of his person.

Third, the twins are intended for not very important from the point of view of the Kremlin meetings and events.

For example, it is well known that once at a meeting with the President of one of the countries of Central Asia instead of Putin was double.

But the meeting in advance was discussed as a brief and Protocol, for journalists and photographers.

They just shook hands and parted. I think Putin is doing for his kind of entertainment.

But I strongly disagree with the fact that he had long ago died, and his puppeteers bring to the public his twins.

I have no doubt that he is alive and well.

And even a very depraved and brazen over the years.

As people fantastically rich, he tries to extend his physical ability to sit on the throne as long as possible.

That is why he is more involved in sports, hunting, debauchery, and relaxation than ever at work.

Badulla Manafov

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