According to him, in July, the aircraft underwent a complete overhaul and modernization.

Now fulfilled four main versions / UNIAN

The investigation is considering four versions of the reasons of falling of a military aircraft su-27 in Vinnytsia region, among them – the human factor in flight operations, technical failure of the aircraft, refueling aircraft with poor fuel or weather conditions.

Read takeesha can join the investigation of the crash of the su-27

About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”, said the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.

“They are looking at four main versions: the human factor in flight operations, technical failure of the aircraft, it is possible to refuel aircraft with poor fuel or weather conditions that led to the disaster,” he said.

According to the chief military Prosecutor, in July, the aircraft underwent a major overhaul with a complete redesign.

Matios noted that since this repair it has flown 20 hours, and its resources for all state technical expertise was extended to 12 years.

“We have interrogated many witnesses,” he added, noting that there had been an inspection of the scene.

“We collected the remains of the bodies, they were scattered almost to the kilometer. The plane, his nose became almost a corkscrew tilted in the ground more than 1.5 meters,” he said.

According to Matios, who is one of the factories of the Ministry of defense recovering the “black box” and relieve him of the information available.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on 16 October at about 17.00 near the village of Ulanov, Vinnytsia region between the towns of Berdichev chmielnik and in the course of performing combat training flight crashed a military aircraft su-27. Both the pilot – the chief of aircraft of air command “East” of Air forces of VSU, and officer of the National guard of the United States – were killed.

The military Prosecutor’s office of Vinnytsia garrison was investigating a criminal offense, under article 416 of the Criminal code of Ukraine “Violation of flight rules or preparation for them”.

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