According to the report, the protection of Ruban fully acquainted with the case materials.

Protection Ruban fully acquainted with the case materials / UNIAN

The Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev prolonged the measure of restraint to the head of the Center for the release of prisoners “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban for another two months.

This was reported on the website of the lawyer in detention Valentina Rybina Facebook.

Read is also the court left Ruban in custody until October 30 to a lawyer

As noted, the court today heard the petition of the Prosecutor to extend for another 60 days of a measure of restraint in form of detention Ruban. Protection of the accused asked for extension for 30 days, believing that this is enough time that the Prosecutor has prepared an indictment and referred it to the court.

According to the report, the protection of Ruban to be fully acquainted with the case and this is official receipt.

“The judge went to the deliberation room and came back and announced the decision to extend the detention of Vladimir Ruban to the next 60 days. The process continues,” – said in the message.

As UNIAN reported earlier, people’s Deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko and Ruban, who on March 8 was arrested on the demarcation line with an Arsenal of weapons, suspected of preparing terrorist attacks and a coup.

According to investigators, Savchenko and Ruban were planning to bombard the house in the government quarter of Kiev and to kill the leadership of the state, and in the night to seize the building of the Verkhovna Rada.

Savchenko charged with committing criminal offences established by articles seven, Eat three articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Also, law enforcement officers documented the fact of transportation Savchenko and Ruban in November 2017 occupied with weapons in government-controlled territory for terrorist attacks. Savchenko and Ruban are under arrest.

On 4 June, the SBU said that psychological examination using the polygraph confirmed that Savchenko personally was preparing a violent overthrow of the constitutional order in Ukraine.

On 2 August the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that the pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings against Ruban and Savchenko completed.

September 4, Shevchenko district court of Kyiv extended until October 30 the validity of the measure of restraint for Savchenko in the form of detention.

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