Akhmetov and Co will do without in common with Lyovochkin and Rabinovich candidate – analyst

On the eve of the presidential campaign the strongest “players” begin to look for ways of winning

A potential rematch of the former regions of which so much is said President Poroshenko today is actually depends on one key player in the negotiation processes in the nomination of a single candidate from their political forces, reports Know.sa.

However, Akhmetov seems still undecided. “The main player potential enterprises Akhmetov has not decided, it seems, and whether his allies in the presidential election? Richest man was quite happy with the current political situation. Bloomberg claims that he is after the crisis of 2014 again richer. Akhmetov has built productive relationships with Poroshenko, left there Lyashko and his Radical party, which structure businessman actively support. In the end, you can make your associates an independent party and anyone do not unite”, in the analytic material in No. 18 of the Journal Correspondent writes Valery Litvinsky.

The analyst recalls that the first idea with a single candidate from the South-East put forward Rabinovich, soon supported it and Lyovochkin. “Potentially this Union is incredibly powerful. Judge for yourself, it has the country’s largest media — the TV channel of Ukraine Akhmetov, inter Firtash — Lyovochkin 112 plus and Newsone, the impact on attributed to Medvedchuk. Such a database is not a single political group. Then almost unlimited financial resources: Akhmetov, Firtash, Novinsky, Lyovochkin, Medvedchuk in the same project — like the participants on the Ukrainian Forbes scored. And finally — electoral base. There is a chance to unite all the voters of Party of regions in the South and East of the country, not pulling votes from each other”, he said.

There is another important factor, according to experts, the nomination of a single candidate from the South-East would be very hands on Poroshenko with his stories about the threat of revenge. But whether the former regionals to play along with the current head of state?

“In the meantime, the project of a large merger remains under negotiation, the number wishing to compete for the Eastern voter is increasing. From the party For life Rabinovich broke off one of its creators — the people’s Deputy Eugene Moore. The MP will build your project with the same views of the world, neutral, non-aligned status, the autonomy of all regions, and so on. In short, a standard set. The working title of the project. Just like the Putin youth movement in Russia. With this background, of course, for something serious Moore to not qualify, but you’ll bite off a few percent in the East, in the same his native Kharkiv region, the potential Association of ex-regionals”.

We will remind, it became known the amount paid by Ukraine for Poroshenko voyage to new York.

As reported Politeka, custom make a ton of money: many billions of dollars Ukraine loses at the border.

Also Politeka wrote that in Europe was punished Poroshenko: selected the most valuable.

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