All the secrets of Russia has long been known

All the secrets of Russia has long been known

The Duma is now discussing another dummy – the prohibition of military writing in social networks

Found the cause, moth-eaten, — the terrorists, the extremists and the intelligence of the world hunt in social networks on the army and Navy.

So Putin about elections of regional heads were abolished in 2004, during the Beslan – like, terrorism, freedom of choice is not the time.

But the fact that all of the main secrets of the army of the country in social networks has long been issued. And about the participation of Russia in the war against Ukraine, and Syria. What is left? Libya and Central Africa?

But here and give nothing. As in other places.

Because in recent years the Russian authorities have become a hopeless liar so that accurate information to the contrary, you can literally obtain from any emotional statements of the President, the Russian foreign Ministry, the defense Ministry and so on.

One of the Crimean trick with unpicked insignia and the subsequent forced recognition of Putin, set once and for all all points over “and”.

Therefore, the more violently deny that “we” here at anything, — not bombed, not hunted, not shot, the more reason to believe that sealed their blades on the carpet TRUE.

Oh, and of course, the main and the only one not named for the purpose of discussing the Duma of the law banning military to write in social networks – an attempt to hide from the Russian people the truth about the illegal activities of the Russian authorities, using the army in their private interests.

But it is not a secret.

Everyone in Russia is already known that the Russian authorities are doing everything for themselves and their families, and the people leaned.


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