The attack in Kerch something beginning to resemble the famous terrorist attack of 911 or at least known of the Kennedy assassination.

To the extent that, as time goes on and new information is added, the official version of a psycho-loner begins to swim.

To explain in the framework of the official version of emerging new facts and information becomes impossible. There are laws of physics, there are practice tools that use the named culprits and performers at variance with what we are trying to present.

In General, the inconsistencies are so numerous that to explain to them collectively (and some individually) with the official version becomes impossible.

However, no inconsistencies can’t stop approve any version, if it is in order. Especially in cases where the present investigation may affect the interests of too large structures or people.

In fact, in the version about the maniac alone does not beat more and more – from the preparation to the execution.

A big part of presenting “evidence” that proves something, but not what we are trying to bring.

TNT original packaging a little like a self-made investment casting shells, impressive walking through the empty corridors does not fit with the number of victims is neither the time nor the amount of ammunition that would be required to dock with one another.

“Suicide” is increasingly reminiscent of the famous event of the same content with the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of control and struck himself repeated shot in the head.

Same here, first stabbed in the back (with the knife removed from the body – the blood drained into it), then shot at an angle which man alone is unlikely to produce itself.

Very convenient and prudent there is information that Roslyakov, as a professional super-spy, and burned all the evidence before the crime on some garbage wasteland, which is the way (supposedly) was the camera.

On the other hand, there is a clear ordering to the final version of the single.

Regardless of how it is plausible.

And so the question is – why?

What was the real goal is to use a clearly troubled young man, to imitate a professional beyond his years and not the experience, training and hold it under the camera, where he looks almost an idiot?

What was actually necessary for those who are hard today takes us to a version of the single?

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