…And the cap off

…And the cap off

1. The Democrats won the majority in the House of representatives, giving them the opportunity to initiate impeachment

2. Trump said that an investigation into Trump must be stopped

3. And dismissed the Prosecutor General and Roman sessions

4. Stating that it will appoint in its place a vocal critic of the investigation, Mueller – “intermediate” (between Obama and trump) acting attorney General weizsäcker

5. Weizsäcker said that “will investigate Mueller on.”


Attacking Mueller immediately after the Democrats won the majority in the House of Representatives, trump personally sign a statement that:

– he is confident that the investigation by Mueller will give the grounds for impeachment;

– and the base will be such that from impeachment trump will not protect even stronger Republican majority in the Senate (i.e., for impeachment in addition to the Democrats and vote required in order the number of Republican senators).

Ie yesterday trump personally confirmed that he is a criminal and his crime gives more than full grounds for impeachment.

Maxim Averbukh

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