As stressed by the diplomat, the idea of the referendum in the Donbass is bad, because, first, Russia seized Crimea and started the war in the Donbass.

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The Kremlin now has the right to say something about the referendum in the Donbass, because Russia started a war there and still supports it. Only when there would be an end of conflict, when will the present cease-fire, only then can Russia to publish its vision for the future of the situation in the East of Ukraine.

This statement was made by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst, the TV channel RTVi.

According to him, Putin understands very well the situation in Washington, namely, that trump treats him with affection. At the same time as he emphasizes, the master of the Kremlin understands that the Congress and advisers of the American President oppose his policies.

“That’s why Putin agreed with trump to hold a meeting without advisers. And Putin believed that during this meeting we will be able to convince trump to take the necessary decisions,” he said.

As stressed by the diplomat, the idea of the referendum in the Donbass is bad, because Russia has seized the Crimea, and should pay attention to, and second, Russia started the war in the Donbass.

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“First of all, Russia must withdraw its troops and to withdraw weapons from there (Donbass – UNIAN), and then it will be possible to make public its position regarding the situation in the East of Ukraine, that is about a referendum,”- said the Ambassador.

Relative to the previous “referendums” in Donbas and Crimea, it convinces the Herbst, was more of a show: illegitimate, no objective observers and held under gunpoint.

“As to whether the referendum in the Donbass, which was organized by the United States and Russia, and Ukraine would agree to such a plebiscite on its territory, to talk about this now makes no sense. First of all we should talk about the real end of the war, on the present truce. Every day the shelling, every day there are victims. And basically it is a problem of Russian, the Kremlin’s aggression. The ceasefire is the most important thing… then we can talk about a referendum,”- said the representative of the United States.

We will remind, on July 16 in the Finnish capital Helsinki, a meeting was held between the President of the United States Donald trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Trump after meeting tete-a-tete with Putin said “very good beginning” for bilateral summit. The head of the Kremlin has underlined that Russian-American relations are experiencing a difficult period, “however, the difficulties, the tense atmosphere that prevailed, did not have objective reasons.

Subsequently, Bloomberg reported that Putin during a meeting with trump and even invited the US President to hold a referendum to solve the conflict in the Donbas. It was noted that while the Russian leader did not want to divulge the plan to his American colleague was able to consider it.

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