At the OSCE conference spoke on the transfer of explosives Director Sentsova

During the OSCE conference in Kiev was made by a man. It was presented by the Ukrainian military and said that four years ago personally handed over explosives Director Oleg Sentsov. The latter is serving a sentence in a Russian prison after he was found guilty of organizing terrorist acts in the Crimea.

Photo: screenshot YouTube

During the conference the man said that in 2014 on his personal car He brought one of the items that later became evidence in the preparation of terrorist acts.

On the same machine, according to the witness, he “was carrying our troops to the last man from the Crimea”. His revelations, the man explained that he wants to make the Ukrainian intelligence agencies to find the traitors who gave Sentsova Russian security forces.

The witness also expressed confidence that the Director may have information that is disadvantageous to Kiev.

Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment on charges of preparing attacks in the Crimea. In may, he announced a hunger strike.

Lately in the media run rumors that Sentsov may be exchanged for the detained in Ukraine, the head of RIA “Novosti Ukraina” Kirill Vyshinsky.

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