At the same time, it is noted that Hungary will never agree to the violation of the unity of the EU in this matter.

Illustration / REUTERSГлава of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyyarto called on the EU to discuss sanctions against Russia, not to renew them automatically.

He declared it in interview to the Russian propaganda channel RT, writes European true.

“We clearly outlined the need for an honest dialogue, because we hate to deceive each other. Need an honest and direct discussion, the sanctions have achieved success? Let’s look at the facts, the sanctions have helped the European economy or the Russian economy or, conversely, helped to put pressure on the Russian economy, did they implement the Minsk agreements. Answer sincerely to these questions, we need to make decisions about our future,” said Szijjártó.

At the same time, according to him, Hungary never go to the violation of the unity of the EU in this matter.

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“The current Italian government, it seems, shares our position – no automatic renewal of sanctions, we need discussion. And because it is the country within the G7, a smaller country is easier to imagine this position with greater country,” – said Siyyarto.

As you know, Italy wants to discuss the question of easing of sanctions against Russia at the EU summit on October 18-19.

On 31 July the EU imposed sanctions against 6 Russian companies, which participated in the construction of the Kerch bridge. Diplomats said that it was proposed that 8 firms, but two were dropped after opposition from Germany and Italy, who feared damage to their business relations with Russia. At the same time Italy has blocked the inclusion of Crimean deputies in the list of EU sanctions against Russia. The list contains the names of the so-called “former” officials, who no longer occupy the posts. Rome wanted to withdraw their names.

The new government of Italy does not hide that it seeks to remove the EU sanctions against Russia and says the country has returned to have good relations in culture, trade, industry and security.

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