Azov sea turns into landfill: Putin gave the order

Russia continues to increase its military presence in the Azov and Black seas

We are talking about border patrol ships “Syktyvkar” (hull number 178) and “Kizlyar” (no. 177), which will direct to Ukraine.

“October 10, PSKR-921 “Kizlyar” was seen in the Cheboksary reservoir near Nizhny Novgorod for the transition from Arkhangelsk. The next day, October 11, on the same route began to make the transition PSKR-920 “Syktyvkar”. It is expected that both ships will arrive in the sea of Azov after October 20″, – volunteers note.

Note that both ships were built at the plant “Almaz” in St. Petersburg. Although they are included in one project 10410 “Firefly”, however, have various weapons on Board.

Recall recently one of the Russian guard boats at high speed trying to get closer to the Ukrainian search and rescue vessel “Donbass” and sea tug “koretz”, however small armored artillery boat “Lubny and Kremenchug” managed to take him.

The most powerful earthquake in the sea of Azov: scientists have warned of the consequences
The incident

PSKR-920 (n/178), Syktyvkar: what we know about him?
He was commissioned in 1995. The ship is armed with:

– 76-millimeter gun mount AK-176M;

– 30-millimetrovogo gun mount AK-630M;

– two launchers for MANPADS “Igla”;

two release gear (12 GB BB-1);

two samostalni 55-millimetrovie grenade launchers MRG-1 “Spark” (grenades RG-55M, GRS-55).

Also here installed a new radar Mr-415.4 Search and navigation radar Mr-3ПВ “Lyman-18М1”.

Ship PSKR-921 “Kizlyar” (b/n 177): what’s behind it?
He was commissioned in 1997. The ship is armed with:

– two 30 mm gun mounts AK-630M;

– two launchers for MANPADS “Igla”;

two release gear (12 GB BB-1);

two samostalni 55-millimeter grenade launchers MRG-1 “Spark” (grenades RG-55M, GRS-55).

What is the project 10410 “Firefly”?
This series of Soviet and Russian boundary patrol ship (PSKR). To persuade the Russian side that such vessel is intended for service in the frontier service of FSB of the Russian Federation, control of the state border, observance of foreign vessels in the economic zone of the Russian Federation, protection of natural resources within this zone, protection of coastal communications and engineering structures, protection of ships from attack by saboteurs, terrorists, as well as the reflection of an armed attack in air and water of the enemy, in particular submarines and swimmers.

Brief technical characteristics of the project 10410:

Displacement: 375 tons;

Length: 49.5 meters;

Width: 9,2 meters;

Draft: 2.63 metres;

Speed: up to 32 nodes;

Range: 1500 miles;

Crew: 28 people.

Recall, the invasion of the Azov sea: the invaders threatened to “tighten the screws” Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, the invasion of the sea of Azov: there is an urgent appeal to Poroshenko.

Also Politeka wrote that preparations: Putin could invade Ukraine in another country.

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