Bloomberg: Latvian party “Consent” has nothing to do with Russia

Won the elections in Latvia, the party “Consent”, which is headed by nil Ushakov, has nothing to do with Russia. Reports replyua.net journalists from Bloomberg provided some evidence that the Latvian party is not connected with Russia.

According to the journalists, in these elections the party had the worst results for several years: it was voted at 19.8% of voters. “To call this a Pro-Russian party is inappropriate. She, first, last year broke off a collaboration with United Russia, preferring the accession to the European socialist party. And secondly, assures that supports EU policy towards Russia. Along with the sanctions,” – noted journalists.

According to them, yet not one so called Pro-Russian ‘ party never got into government. Moreover, the Agency added that even if that happens, the Baltic state will never turn towards Russia because of its control of the European Union and NATO.

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