Botafirm of Russia moved to ORDA

Botafirm of Russia moved to ORDA

Analysis of the labour market “coal little Switzerland” – an integral part of the information front. Such a minor detail, such as jobs, search and job offers in ORDO, can greatly expand information and intelligence horizons.

At the beginning of the war, in 2014, the trend of the promotion of the Russian “peace” was – “the Ukrainians are going to wash their Asses in Europe and Poland”.

To convince the average teacher-miner-medic of Donbass that labour migration is an everyday thing for the world, it was hard and thankless.

You responded by yelling “junta” “to shoot”, and the counter-argument was “but Russ”.

And, most strange, to work and to wash their Asses to Russia for Donbass was normal, but to go to Europe to do the same work, but euros and dollars, is already shameful. The level of education of residents of Donbas and the level of perception of the world was fixated on Russia.

It is clear that in Russia, even janitors and cleaners taken from the “underdeveloped third world”, that is, the inhabitants of the once “brotherly” republics of the postSoviet space.

The average raisanen will whine and suffer from lack of money, complain about life, to believe in the freebie “asinotherapy”, well, or live on loans, but not to work. It’s not Imperial, work. This plebs needs and high racianska matter in the third stage of the evolutionary binge.

Labor market in Russia was always in need of labor. And, mind you, the unemployment rate in Russia is not that high, that’s catastrophic, and, nevertheless, needs skilled manpower.

Danmasani mainly went to Russia not so much to work out how to grab God by the beard, that is, to repeat the fate of any “Cinderella” of the Russian show – she’s a maid, he is an oligarch, and away we go!

By the way, these migrant workers from the Donbass Russia has always been manipulated, they say, to go to Russia citizens of Ukraine, and “stand for the district”.

75% of migrant workers, citizens of Ukraine who work in Russia legally or not, it is the residents ARDLE.

This manipulation has now acquired a special meaning, because again, Russia plays the card of “peace and friendship”, “let’s hug”, they say, look, despite the propaganda in Ukraine, Ukrainian citizens still go to Moscow.

This myth can break the overlap the railway communication with Moscow from the us-controlled territories. And what will remain? The dry residue of migrant workers – citizens ORDO.

The large influx of labour migrants, Russia has received in the 90s. including those from the Donbass.

Until 2014 in Russia from the Donbass go only to those who either dreamed of parahaoma married, or quite degraded elements. In 2014, Russia travel residents ORDO, every year more and more.

Work in “small coal-Switzerland” no, and earnings do not allow you to survive the residents ORDO at the Moscow prices.

Because they are officially residents ORDO citizens of Ukraine, here to you and statistics. Pay attention to the sites and survey team leader of the occupied cities ORDA, where every second job offer is to work in Russia.

Builders, manicurist, sex escorts, sex-web-services, security guards, governess, masons, welders, plasterers, cleaners, scavengers, gatherers, seasonal vegetables and fruit…

No this list only teachers and doctors. In Russia there is no demand neither education nor medical care.

By the way, the funny thing is, if you take the residents of the Donbass and the people in Western Ukraine, then Russia always first paid significantly less than second.

Zapadnaya-builders-bricklayers-carpenters, carvers is always a European level of quality, creativity, soul, style, feel of the material.

Danmasani is the loader, work in mines, in quarries, in the same building, but already or subordinate Zapadna or low skilled works such as “dig here until the evening”.

Nevertheless, Russia is still going, because Russia takes the information series PA-nagatomo as she needs shots. Staff shortages there are huge.

Just like the Russians, as a nation, come to an end. Mental and physical degradation, and complete physical and moral destructurization of personality, alcoholism, drug addiction has made Russia his case.

Due to the absorption of territories and the assimilation of Russia solves the issues and rejuvenation of blood, no wonder Putin urged refugees from Donbas actively give birth from the Russians, and, of course, resource hungry. Human resources, thinking and being able to perform work on creation of comfortable living conditions for Russian businesses and oligarchs, Russia is over.

You know, like “people of Donbass” was so determined to live in Russia, and so wanted to be Russian, and what happened?

The first thing that shocked residents ORDO is rampant illiteracy raisian.

Rock inscriptions “asvabaditeley” scattered in the Donbass, first touches, and then infuriated residents ORDO – “Dambas”, “Rasiya”, “manual ultrasonic inspection”, “sichas”, “Sevodnya”, “nastaviti”, “nirasawa”, “scientist”, “diplom” has caused confusion and horror among the Russian-speaking population of Donbass.

How the Russians write in social networks, initially perceived by the population of Donbass, as annoying and creepy ashipki or ochepyatki, but it turned out to be commonplace and reality the literacy level of the average Russian.

In Russian schools children are not taught, so leave time. The level of education was Soviet, that is, no. Those who want the rating, but have an income slightly above average, simply buy them, those who want knowledge, and have a high income, send their children to elite schools with high training of teachers.

The main contingent of Russian schools, it’s… Well, enough YouTube video to see the future of Russia.

Russia is also interested in how to preserve and, moreover, to increase the inflow of labour migrants from Ukraine.

After all, if they, like migrant workers from Belarus, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Transnistria, Chechnya, Kazakhstan will not be Mokshantsev just, pardon the expression, susruta in their homes and cities.

Here is the famous “wash toilets in Poland” or “assholes of the elderly in Germany” is an indicator of the banal life of ricinine-patinella, who in his private apartment never wash the toilet, well, and moreover, it will not take care of their infirm parent, to provide him with a banal aid in hygiene.

Russia the record for the number of lonely, abandoned old people in nursing homes as the only country with massive loss of old people in the nursing homes, which are more like… I don’t know what to compare it to, cattle on farms in our villages is contained in conditions a thousand times better than old people live in Russia.

When we in the village Oleksandrivka, Luhansk region Russian troops entered, they in the streets waited for further advance deep into the Donbas, this was Pskovian, they are envious and surprised, licking his lips, considering the house of poseljan, because they are happily invited.

Most “asvabaditeley” shocked clean, fragrant and tidy bathrooms. And no matter where they were in the house or on the street. Whether it was the outside toilet, shower or bathroom in the house is always clean in Ukrainian, mats, mirrors, tissues, toilet paper, air freshener, blinding white sanitary ware, beautiful tiled floor, new towels.

For the average Russian, it was…unprecedented, in short level. That is, the fact that Ukrainian is considered the norm for my personal territory, Russia, this is nonsense. Amazing!

By the way, when “Osvoboditel” osvobodili Lutugino, Novosvitlivka, Anthracite and Lugansk, using the rear Sverdlovsk to the border reached the convoys of tanks, “Ural”, Armored personnel carriers loaded with toilets, bathrooms, tile, plastic Windows, gates, and furniture that Osvoboditel scraped from dilapidated houses want to live in Russia, residents of Donbass.

Russia needs improvement. A constant influx of fresh blood. Otherwise –death. Labour migration from the “liberated” Donbass became the panacea for the labour market of Russia.

By the way, labour migration and the attitude to “servants of the Bambas”, needs to sober up “navarasa”, and I think that sobered. More ads in sigraph ORDO about the work in Russia left without a husky.

More under announcements ORDO about work in Russia comments, “guys, do not enter, here, throw”. More and more people are looking for ORDA robot in Ukraine and Europe.

“Navarasa” and “people of the Bambas” on their skin felt the attitude of the “brothers”. For the Russians the inhabitants of the “native Russian Donbass” is still the Ukrainians, it is already openly write themselves Donbass applicants Russian PA nagatomo.

With 2014 in ARDLA three times increase in the number of firms employment agencies, focused on Russia, and Russia all staffing firms enhanced sentences “for residents LNR and DND”. On the one hand, it is well that the people OGLO the majority did not go to fight for the “idea” of the “Republic”, even the contract from 15 000 rubles are not attracted by them in the “people’s militia”.

In military operations under tricolorii took part not more than 30% of the male and female population ARDLE.

On the other hand, 70% of the quantitative composition of the army ORDO, it is the Russians who are Russian citizens and other enclaves, unrecognized republics – Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, still significantly affect the assimilation policy towards the Donbas, as labour migration, which focused on the outflow of migrants from ORDO.

In Ukraine labour migration is not dangerous for the country, because families of migrant workers are in Ukraine, and the money of migrant workers return and work in Ukraine. In ORDA the situation looks different. Migrant workers, as a rule, try to take out ARDLE family and work in Russia do not work on the economy ORDA, and the economy of the Russian Federation, as ORDO is the inflow of currency and Russian rubles.

In 2017, the year in employment offers of work in Russia, distributed social networks ORDA, a new job – “job as a guard.” Most of the ads you will see – “service in hot spots, APU, the Soviet army, the LC and the DNI is welcome.”

In both, Russia among his men and the guards can not find, thinking the inexperienced reader. And as it is, “natsiki-punitive-Vsushniki” are invited to work in Russia, why, the old woman beat PMS without daily rape?

But, not so simple. This is a veiled invitation to private security companies, in fact, private of the Russian army. Rate here and on post-traumatic stress disorder, which is present in people who have a war, and socially constructed nature, and the accessibility of Russian propaganda in Ukraine- “huckster, michibata, not our war”.

Using employment agencies to recruit people for the war in Syria, Donbass and…private armies of the Russian oligarchs. So in the 90 “lads” have got their gang of soldiers-internationalists of the Afghan people.

Invited “instructors” in “sport clubs”, “clubs of martial arts,” the various unions and brotherhood. The main objective of such unions was the simple – robbery. So in the 90s in the Donbass quickly formed organized crime groups, including the one where expired in politicum Ukrainian Rinat Akhmetov.

Such OPG are now in Russia, almost all of the oligarchs, and even state officials, i.e. governors, the President’s representatives in Federal districts and just businessmen.

These “aunts” in Russian will kill the Russians at rallies and protests, pressing their land and property, in the case that it is necessary for government or business. The formation of such “armies” Russia has put on stream, and successfully use them. One of the most famous and became a public-private army “Wagner”, which took part in capture of Slavyansk, Donetsk, war in Syria.

This year, the staffing agencies of the Russian Federation, to work with ORDA a new trend. Residents ORDO actively offered a job in freelancing.

In the screenshots, I suggest the ad itself with a list of companies operating in the freelance market in Russia.

And if in Europe, it is a normal activity, then to Russia, it is commonplace botafirm.

ORDO why, you ask, because there are Holguin, bots which have long been attacked by Ukrainian bloggers and users of the Ukrainian segment of FB.

Answer, bots Holguin has long recognized the Ukrainian user and from the revelations they are no longer saving the yellow-Blakytny avatars or Pro-Ukrainian inscriptions.

All innate Russian ignorance in Russian. Although…you need to write the Russians, because anything Russian in Russian then and there. Proven history!

Russian-Russian bot, and indeed user of social networks from Russia, the issue is not only the Google translator, but the banal ignorance of the “native” Russian.

And here inhabitants of ORDO, that is the Ukrainian Donbass, who perfectly know Russian and Ukrainian, can displace from the work of Russian bots and take their place in Holguin.

Because bots Olgino, Russian, Russians, often do not know neither Russian nor Russian, nor Slavic or Ukrainian, or Latin. They are always betrays ignorance of Russian speech, because Russian language has long became for them not giving in to the perception of “Morse code”, developed by abracadrabra “useless scrap of paper”.

After all, the Russians-Russian, as a rule, as I hear, I write, and Ukrainian they just don’t understand. All punctures Boto-stuffing become Ukrainians in mam and acquire a bunch of jokes, for example, “semen Nena”, “pdlog country”.

Russia needs competent bots, understand without Google translator Ukrainian and is able to adequately write in Russian. So Holguin moved to Donbass.

And the residents ORDO receive two in one, and the opportunity to earn, and the opportunity to vent their hatred on the people of Ukraine and the world.

One would raise the alarm, if not one “but”, which does not know Russian zanimatelnaja side.
The segment of residents ORDO that he is ready to work for Russia and wrote hate posts on FB, to produce zradu, and to campaign for Pro-Russian politicians, as a rule, very similar to the Russians, it’s people, kurushii “Teacher” along with “Primer” in kindergartens in Donbass.

Think we’re in for a fun pre-election rush “of navarasas”-freelancers who write about the civil war, treachery “punitive” the huckster “Valtsmane”-Poroshenko, Tymoshenko love it the Donbas.

Olena Stepova

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