By the end of the year the European Union will extend sanctions against Russia — EU Ambassador

EU sanctions against Russia imposed over the situation in Ukraine is likely to be renewed at the end of 2018, said in an interview to “Interfax” (Interfax.ru.) the EU Ambassador in Russia Markus Ederer.

“In my opinion, today both sides of the conflict in Ukraine, and Russia — is not enough political will for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, in particular agreements of February 2015. In addition, both parties have violated the spirit and letter of these agreements,” he said.

“In this situation, I believe that at the end of this year, the sanctions against Russia will be extended,” said the Ambassador.

However, he stressed: “Speaking about the possibility of restoring relations between the European Union and Russia in General, it is worth noting that the negative development of the situation around the conflict in Ukraine is complemented by other recent incidents.”

“All these cases do not contribute to the restoration of relations between the EU and Russia to a normal level,” — said the Ambassador.

M. Ederer added, which complicates the possibility of restoring relations between the EU and Russia attempted murder of Sergei Skripal toxic substances and attempt cyber-attacks on the office of the OPCW in the Hague.

Full text of the interview of M. Ederer will be published on www.interfax.ru.

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