Causalidad. Nocturne

Causalidad. Nocturne

Rusnya fifth year in a row trying to give direct military invasion and occupation of Donbas during the civil war. As it turns out from Lada, Ferrari: like Lada and repainted, but the pale sophistic.

Sanctions are certainly useful, but to get them for every move by Russia in the occupied feel like, so Rusnya trying to create the illusion of a certain “country,” which rebelled against the Junta.

Rashka information and supports the myth that the Russian tanks is not only the cellars and torture, and the people’s dimokratia, they say with the arrival of the Russian military comes to the world grace in the occupied territory, and the factories on scrap metal sawing invisible.

The Kremlin believes in all seriousness that they are the most vumnye and that no one notices Raska palitsya in the information and militarily. Whether it is a natural aboutost, whether the result of a gradual degradation…

I honestly don’t know. It is important that Raska is bending over backwards to be direct negotiations with an armed game and the Junta, and Raska were used at all in the business.

Palatability [spin doctors I do not dare to call them] from Russia now actively fed the people bimbashi Savior fseh oppressed and wronged an old type of power, his mmm-a number of penis dusolina.

Cattle and talk about what peniska good as he tries for the people and other crap. And cattle hawala, care sho in the shower Pushilin small Gopnik and habit to dress like the huckster he is survived.

Why exactly spend money on promotion of the project Pushilin nobody understands. Honestly, even if tomorrow the head ever nedorosii put the beaver, one dick, nothing will change – the cattle, well that is the civilized, are not decisive of anything, and do not decide, all issues are resolved in Moscow and the appointment of court manual dogs too.

All this crap with the type of payment of wages and the demonization of Tashkent, which stole one and never divided – no more than a smokescreen. The slaves bimbashi presesented of another king in a beautiful wrapper, which is not like those thieves sho was to him.

Beautiful wrapper, supposedly gave the markets those they belonged to – fake. Market Falcon on microdistrict textilschik in Donetsk are not going to give anyone, because too big chunk at stake. Some of the markets will give to the camera, but the loot will still go, not people, and amplitude where necessary, even local businesses understand it.

Raska trying to make Pushilin certain Builder NEP-a in the occupation, which is 146% of the support of the people. For this purpose, to form a picture that will show robillo, reduced the number of so-called polling stations. The idea is quite simple clown – create 3 illusions at once:

– show on camera ,say the type was SHOS decides

– type the queue at the polls

– type legitimizatsii Pushilin in terms of information

Real elections to be was not and could not be occupied, because Maxell needs a talking abizyan, which will be a few questions to ask.

But Rusnya was not b-virus, if it had not made allowances for the stupidity-pushed by the type of election all those who actually could prevent capuchino to take the throne: Girkin directly sent fuck Khodakovsky hinted Shaw DRG Junta may be for him to come.

Chepurin satisfied moksel and red Tartar: his appetite is much less than the dead saharasia+ loot from humanitarian convoys Akhmetov took it a penis and never ratted, and watched Schaub property Akhmetov securely guarded military abizanda.

Moral: wait when Rusnya will start to squeal, that Poroshenko agreed with causalism. Went for popcorny.

Fascists Donetsk

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