Civil society in Russia erased in a powder

Civil society in Russia erased in a powder

This is a photo of yesterday’s rally against the pension reform on Sakharov. They say that it does not reflect exact number of participants.

Claim that made it half an hour before the event, and that then the people came, went, was high rotation, and in General “why don’t you came here because of knockers there…”

“White counter” cites a figure of 6 thousand participants.

You see, it doesn’t matter.

One thing is important: civil society in Russia erased in the powder. It is not, and is not yet in sight.

People are disunited, fragmented cells, individuals intimidated, demoralized and brainwashed.

This mass do what you want.

She stands in front of obedience to the “great and mighty Putin, to whom twitch is useless – will destroy you.”

In principle, it is.

Therefore, I expect the uplift of the masses after the death of Putin, when none of the “successors” will not be able to hold the situation, and the country will start to crumble from the explosion “time bombs”, founded predecessor: “min” in the political, social, national field.

And then all sprayed earlier, the energy of the masses will come together and will pour into the streets and squares of Russian cities.

Well, while we are seeing here is…


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