Director of the NABU Sytnik ready to leave Ukraine with an empty Treasury for their own benefit.

The Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Sytnyk for the satisfaction of their own ambitions willing to take hostage the whole country, leaving her with an empty Treasury

This is stated in the material published korrespondent.net.

“September 19, 2018 completed its work the mission of the International monetary Fund, the report of which will be the basis in the preparation of decisions of the Board of the IMF on granting Ukraine the next tranche of international financial assistance. Today none of the officials or parliamentarians raises the issue of the outcome of the work of the IMF mission, because to talk about it yet. Suddenly, however, about the work of the mission and the fate of the next tranche from the IMF said the Director of NABU Artem Sytnik,” – said in the article.

In particular, from informed sources in the NAB, the authors became aware of the fact that Artem Sytnik said close to him persons from management of Bureau: the conflict between the NABOO and the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office, but rather between the heads of these institutions will be resolved in his favor. And this will be done through the IMF.

“Director NABS told his subordinates that the fate of the next tranche from IMF for Ukraine directly depends on the tenure of the head of SAP nazara Golodnitsky. Not from the gas prices, the pace of reforms, fight against corruption and investigation of attacks on public figures. No. Artem Sytnik clearly stated that if Holodnitsky will remain as head of the SAP, Ukraine can not count on receiving money from the IMF, whatever the progress in other issues. And as soon as Holodnitsky will be dismissed – the funds will be credited to the Bank accounts of Ukraine”, – stated in the material.

Note that the money in Treasury bills today to Ukraine lasted until the end of October this year. Further, no external borrowing the country can not do.

“It is a question of economic survival of the state, for the fourth consecutive year leading the fight with the Russian Federation, at the same time overcoming the negative and dire consequences for the Ukrainian economy and implement such needed reforms. The very fact that such statements of the Director of the NABOO, even if they are not really based on any its agreements with the IMF or the US state Department (which he also stated unequivocally), evidence of abuse of power for selfish reasons,” notes the author.

In his opinion, the attempt of the Director to the NAB to achieve resignation of the head of SAP cost of the destruction of the welfare of Ukrainian citizens and economic stability of the country may be cause for dismissal of the disturbance.

“Can the struggle of anti-corruption agencies to take hostage the whole nation, for the salvation which they would have been created? Nazar Golodnitsky clearly stated that the chair and the position he does not hold, then we never heard from Artem Sytnik. On the contrary, judging by his emotional statements and actions, the position was for him an inseparable part of his own “I”, – says the author of the material, in conclusion, at the head of NABOO “to think about retirement”.

We will remind, against rush opened a criminal case, the first details.

As reported Politeka, the GPU is told what prison sentence shines to the Director of NABU Sytnik.

Politeka also wrote that a journalist called the Director of NABU rush “theater of one actor”.

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