Dobrodomov goes to the President

At an extraordinary Congress of the “popular control” put forward by party leader Dmitry Dobrolubova to participate in the elections of the President of Ukraine

On October 27 in Kiev held an extraordinary Congress of the political party “public control”. Delegates supported the candidacy of Dmitry Dobrolubova, as a candidate for President of Ukraine, reports 24tv.ua.

“Friends, we must understand what our current mission. We need to pass the country to a new generation. Our children, who are now massively leave the Ukraine in search of a better life. We must build a modernized, civilized, successful, peaceful country that has no debt. I am convinced that together we can destroy the old Progresso system. We can build a new Ukraine, where people want to live and develop,” – said the leader of “people’s control”.

Dobrodomov stressed that will show candidates for key positions in the country during the elections.

“Under the Constitution, the President submits candidates for five key positions. It is the Ministers of defense and foreign Affairs, head of the national Bank, the Prosecutor General and the head of the SBU. “People’s control” insisted that the presidential candidate during the election showed the candidates for these positions. And it should be professionals. We have already booked this bill, but we understand that this power he is not interested. But we’ll go this way and show these people,” he said.

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