Today in Russia flew the first signs that knowledgeable people will say a lot. In any normal country the security services, especially the ground to work out of their own country, very often go to the brink of a foul, and at times – go for it. This is an inevitable part of their work.

Another thing – where it draws that line management of the intelligence agencies, and it depends on the position of the country’s leadership, which is directly subordinated to the intelligence services and which is the customer of everything that special people.

In a normal country, where the principles of democracy are immutable, all understand one simple truth: after the election, when I switch the power and there is a new user of the same intelligence, dark matter can be extracted from the dark corners and all those involved will be brought to justice.

In this case, for many shifts of power, from both sides formed an understanding of the traits for which to go ( in peace time) is impossible, because it would be a time bomb like the ex-government, of cloak and dagger.

In such a situation there is a balance of understanding. The government understands that the same intelligence can refuse to perform something that does not conform to the established rules, and that can be costly to the authorities and the experts also understand that if you go too far, they can make scapegoats in case of failure.

And the first who will do it – will be a senior official who knows how to skillfully evade responsibility, shifting the blame on someone. That is, instead of written rules, form the style of work of special services.

No wonder trump is now having problems with the intelligence community of the United States, which understands that trump leave tomorrow, and to disentangle the mess they have.

Another thing – an authoritarian state or conventionally democratic, where one bastard guaranteed comes another bastard who will enter into an unspoken contract with security agencies that they must comply with any or almost any of his job, and he will ensure the safety of the performers with all their powers, and if there is a change of government, that bastard will give the rules of the game his changer.

In this case the pale of permissibility or strongly departs from that adopted in the world, or erased altogether.

In the event the Governor becomes the immediate owner of the security services and if the owner for a long time sitting on the throne, then there is a generation of secret services, which would never evaluate the consequences of execution of the will of the owner.

They believe that under no circumstances will not give their dogs, if they faithfully serve.

In General, here already we are not talking about the peculiarities of interaction of state institutions. It really becomes a mafia clan, which is riddled with a network of unspoken rules or concepts.

In this case, the performers are simply not interested in written rules and regulations, and act based on principles that are never fixed, but clearly understood by all.

In fact, in Russia it happened. There is a whole generation of officials and servants are nothing else but the guidance of Putin is not take note. They became that the king of Moscow Ivan 4 was called “oprichnina”. That is – the sovereign people to do anything, and it will have all the benefits and higher protection.

But the performers of ordering the murder Skripal was surprised to find that “not a real king” and he ordered that after such a high-profile batch in England, they appeared before the press and talking nonsense that they are businessmen in the field of fitness, who longed to see the Cathedral in Salisbury and they happened to be at the house Skrobala.

What does it mean? They publicly confirmed that all the cameras that filmed the operation – they were. But the investigation showed all of the evidence collected and the most “fat” is closed to the press.

But the defendants have confirmed that they can. Such a gift to the investigation could be done only by morons.

It was the most difficult task of the investigation, and on the orders of Putin, they are practically handed yourself in the foot. From that moment they have no chance to survive in Russia, and British justice will provide them with a release until the end of days.

And if they got hot, it would not hurt. Risk is a part of their profession, but they passed the boss, who was not supposed to do that under any circumstances.

Putin has violated the basic principle, which holds his power. He passed the performers, trying to shield himself.

Now all Putin’s dogs should understand that he will surrender them exactly as it happened with Petrov and Bocharovym.

In fact, Putin demonstrated that in the architecture of the system is impossible to show weakness and even cowardice.

Almost 20 years Putin has trampled all shoots of democracy, and in the end – succeeded.

Instead, he created a mafia clan, and now it turned out that he destroys it just because he was scared.

Now the situation in Muscovy will develop as you like, but not as much as before, because the dogs realized that the question of survival in their own hands.

It is not surprising that the foreign Ministry of Britain have reacted harshly to “interview” and Putin sent greetings, catch him in a direct lie.

In General, will continue to be interesting.

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