Donald trump said if he considers Putin as an enemy

The head of the American government said that the upcoming summit with the Russian leader may be one of the easiest that he will be on the European tour. According to trump, the meeting, which will take place in Helsinki already 16-th, may be the very easiest part of all its planned “journey,” because he has yet to summit with the Alliance and travel to Britain. As reported replyua.net before heading to his so-called tour for a whole week, the US President told, answering questions that he did not know whether to consider him an enemy of Putin, or Vice versa. However, trump said that one thing he can say for sure: Putin is a competitor.

The head of the us government stressed that it must now worry about the upcoming summit, as at the time of the Congress of the countries-members of NATO will solve a lot of issues. In particular, we are talking about sharply standing problem of underfunding of the member countries of the Alliance in the sphere of defense. Recall that trump has not once showed their dissatisfaction for this reason, demanding the immediate correction of the problem. Also note that the us President’s visit to Britain is associated with the tensions due to the country’s withdrawal from the EU. In this regard, Donald trump and said that the coming meeting with Putin could be the most simple from what is planned. “Who would have thought, right?” – said in the conclusion of it.

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