Donetsk Prosecutor’s office opened case on the Deputy of Artemovsk city Council for undeclared land

In the Donetsk region Prosecutor’s office instituted proceedings on the Deputy of Artemovsk city Council for failure to pay the annual Declaration of information on the acquisition of eight land, reported the press service of the Prosecutor of Donetsk region.

It is established that the Deputy ignored the anti-corruption law requirements and is not granted to the National Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP — if) within the statutory 10-day period, information about the ownership of eight plots of land with a total area of 50 hectares, which he acquired during 2017-2018.

As noted, the offender refused to admit guilt in court and alleged that the apparatus of the district Council had not notified him about the relevant changes in the law “On corruption prevention”.

“Meanwhile, even after making in respect of his administrative reports Deputy referred to the position regarding the financial status is not declared”, – said the press service.

The court agrees with the arguments of the prosecution, found the Deputy guilty of the said offense and sentenced to a fine in the amount of 100 nontaxable minimum incomes of citizens, that is UAH 1,700.

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