Door, glass and consensus

Door, glass and consensus

One morning in the woods drove the old, but it is still alive a car. The engine noise from the thicket the wolf came out and stared in wonder.

The car stopped and got out happy Bunny.

The wolf immediately approached him and began his questioning:

Where did you get it?

— Bought.

But in the woods, no roads, only trails. Where are you going? Why do you need it?

The hare smiled and said:

— Sit in the back seat and just watch.

After that, he again started the engine and turned on the radio, and to top it all – several times signaled. Rolled down the window and waits.

After a time, into the clearing stepped out cautiously and saw the forest behind the wheel of a hare, emboldened, moved closer, obviously wanting a closer look at the whole picture.

A minute later she broke down and decided to look inside the cabin. Stuck his head in the open window and then the hare deftly picked up the glass, firmly holding the head of a Fox.

Slowly he got out of the car, walked around it and did their dirty work with Fox, then lowered the window and cursing that went deep into the forest.

— Well, — said the hare – how do you now the car?

— Everything! Sure! The whole car I probably will not pull, but the door must buy!

Old pioneer joke.

According to Turkish news Agency Anadolu, “Today in Helsinki, a meeting of the chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov with the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army Joseph Dunford.

During the meeting they discussed issues of security during military operations in Syria, in particular, the removal of the clashes of the armed forces of the two countries and the sad incidents that have repeatedly occurred.

In addition, were discussed the issues of security in Europe. According to the Agency, the meeting was constructive”.

In General, diplomatic “calm” presentation Anadolu deserves the highest praise, for if it all translated into normal language, the situation is somewhat different.

The theme of the talks suggests that States reported its position to the Russians in the way, so that they could avoid unnecessary casualties among its own personnel. Moreover, it is necessary to understand that such a position can be communicated in two ways.

First , the States explain that and where the Russians not to do, in order to avoid regular and more dense filling of the column “loss”. But it is such a tone of warning does not require personal interaction the first defense structures of the two countries.

As far as we know, under Hisham in February 2018, the Americans quietly left the leadership of the Russian troops in Syria to clarify, they are not people rushing to the side of the plant, Konoko?

From Mamima said that don’t know what it was about, and wandering ahlaki – not their raccoons.

Note, Americans are not simply clarified the identity of the group, but warned the Russians that the group is in their area of responsibility that previously approved, particularly with the Russians, but because now they crumble to dust, which is what happened.

That is, to tell the Russians that they should not do can authorized the military who are on the spot. It does not need the face the level of chiefs of General staff.

And the Russians are now trying not to run, for the last couple of powerful blows on the columns and the locations of Assad troops were the last surprise for the Iranians, their mercenaries and Assad thugs, the Russians weren’t there.

That is, the Russians are slowly beginning to understand the difference between when they heed the warnings of the Americans and when it doesn’t do, though – for how long?

However, the meeting of generals are only needed in the case when Americans need to tell me that the Russians need to do and most importantly – what they are waiting for trouble if they do not. Here’s another tone of the conversation and need to see the reaction of the opponent.

In General, the Russians offered to clean up after themselves and wait when they would be allowed to leave Syria.

Despite the fact that Putin three times already talked about the fact that they’re all defeated, the situation went to fourth round. And all because the Americans picked up the glass and doors tightly keep Putin in Syria.

And clean up would be long and tedious.

Already send messages about clashes of Russian and Iranian military, which should lead to the departure of the Iranians and their proxy Syria.

Only after that Putin can give also to get out of there and up to this point – it will be suppliers of cannon fodder for the older players.

In General, this meeting boiled down to the statement by the Russians that women still give birth, and shtatovskie generals assured the Russians that will deliver the bags to their bodies as long as necessary.

That settled the matter.


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