Drivers deceived: shahs revealed the truth about the new law on EuroBLECH

Voted in the Verkhovna Rada a bill on “EuroBLECH” is a deception of millions of Ukrainians

This was stated by MP from the party “Our land” Sergey Shakhov.

“I did not vote for the bill 8487 of “euromarch” because it is a deception of millions of Ukrainians! Edits from activists didn’t consider, leaving in calculating the excise tax, the ratio of the age of the car. That is, most people will be forced to pay a tax greater than the cost of the car!”, he said.

Ukrainians have found an unexpected replacement for the “EuroBLECH”, nobody expected it

Moreover, according to Yadav, in the Parliament there is a very similar draft law, which the Ukrainians can “sderut three skins.”

“Moreover, I urge my colleagues not to support the related draft law 8488 of changes in the Customs code, because the Ukrainians will tear off three skins for violation of terms of customs clearance”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the Committee on tax policy invited twice to reduce the tax for cars that will be cleared in Ukraine within 60 days after the adoption of laws on “avtonomera

This was stated by the head of the profile Committee Nina Southerner. According to one of the authors of the bills, during the discussion it was decided to stimulate the Ukrainians as soon as possible to deal with the customs clearance of vehicles.

“The first 60 days for tax rates will be used with a factor of 0.5. This means that if a person really wants to make all payments, he will be able to pay half of the bet. I don’t know what you can provide another option, to keep everyone happy. At a meeting of the Committee understood, is the greatest thing you can do… the Third month — coefficient of 0.75, and we have all period, as you remember, 180 days. Next 90 days the customs clearance will be at the old rate, but without penalty,” explained the Southerner.

If the motorist has not passed the process of customs clearance of your car for 180 days, then concerning it will apply those penalties are spelled out in the wording of the bill.

Recall that the Ukrainians may prohibit the purchase EuroBLECH: preparing tough measures.

As reported Politeka, about the law on EuroBLECH can sharply change: the Ukrainians are preparing new rates and conditions.

Also Politeka wrote about the millions EuroBLECH who attacked the Ukraine, massively imported from Poland.

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