During the four years of his presidency Yanukovych caused damage to the state of $ 40 billion, which equals the annual budget of the country, Lutsenko reminded.

Lutsenko: Ukraine is now – waterlogged ship / Photo by UNIAN

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that after fleeing ex-President Viktor Yanukovych in the state Treasury remained less money than he had after returning from prison. He said this on Wednesday at a meeting of the President of Petro Poroshenko with representatives of the business.

As Ukrainska Pravda reported, according to Lutsenko, Ukraine is often criticized for allegedly unsuccessful fight against corruption, but the GPU already managed to return to the state Treasury more than 2 billion dollars, 1.5 billion of which special confiscation, the rest – results of the sentences.

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“Ukraine after Yanukovych, on the first day of the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, had 8 thousand dollars in the state Treasury. 8 thousand bucks for everything! On education, on health care, on the road, the war, everything. I’m sorry, but I have after prison house was a little bit more,” – said Lutsenko.

He added that during the four years of Yanukovych’s presidency, he caused damage to the state of $ 40 billion, which equals the annual budget of the country.

According to him, Ukraine is now – waterlogged ship, although, in his opinion, Poroshenko managed to do a lot to restore it.

In this Lutsenko assured that we still need to do a lot of things, but we need to overcome the “scoop heads”, destroy the “undercover game” and so on.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the court finally denied by the son of Yanukovych in recovery with NBU 1.6 billion for the bankruptcy of his Bank.

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