Earlier it was reported that Igor Plotnitsky after fleeing from the occupied Lugansk lives in Voronezh, which allegedly conducts business

The photo was taken a sneak photo / Sergey Belous, TelegramПохожего to the former leader of “LNR” Igor Plotnitsky of the person noticed in a Moscow restaurant “this and That” on the street Smolensk on 3 September.

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About this in his Telegram channel said Sergey Belous, covering events in the occupied areas of Donbass, having published the corresponding photos.

“A friend recently in Moscow I saw a man that was painfully similar to the signatory of the Minsk agreements – a Carpenter. Took a photo by stealth. September 3, the school “this and That” “Smolensk””, – stated in the message.

Previously a journalist, who works for the Russian propaganda resources Alexander Chalenko, said Carpenter after escape from occupied Luhansk lives in Voronezh, which allegedly conducts business.

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