Earlier, the Kyiv district court of Poltava closed the case against the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes.


Baiting judges in the “Kernes” is nothing other than the pressure on the court and the striking evidence of the fictitious or complete absence of judicial reform, promoted by the government.

This was stated by the Chairman of the political Council of the Party “Renaissance” Vladimir Pilipenko, commenting on the statement by the leadership of the General Prosecutor’s office regarding the illegality of the decision on the closure of the “case of Gennady Kernes,” and the opening of criminal proceedings against the judge who heard the case.

Recall, August 10, Poltava Kiev regional court closed the case against the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes.

“Despite the fact that the judge made a half-hearted decision, he was involved in the entire repressive machine of the authorities. Law enforcement and regulatory bodies launched a campaign aimed at the resumption of the case. However, such actions by the government indicate only that there is no independent court in Ukraine demonstrate that the right of the phone is preserved even after the revolution of Dignity, a highly publicized judicial reform is nothing more than a fiction. I hope, for our Western partners, who initiated judicial reform, “business Kernes” will be a compelling example of how the government undertook this reform”, – said Vladimir Pilipenko.

He recalled that the Party “Vidrodzhennya” has repeatedly said about the purely political nature of the case against Gennady Kernes, the elected mayor of Kharkov from political power. At the local elections in 2015 Gennady Kernes scored 65.8 per cent support of the citizens.

“The judicial process in Poltava against the mayor of Kharkiv has long stalled. Everyone was convinced that this criminal case was fabricated and is nothing but a political order. In court, defence witnesses provided compelling evidence of the custom-made nature of the case, and inconsistencies and contradictions from the prosecution did not leave judges the chances of a guilty verdict,” – said the Chairman of political Council of Party “Vidrodzhennya”.

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