Expert exposed a new cunning tactics of the Kremlin: We decided to euthanize

In the backyard of the Kremlin came up with a new cunning scheme in Ukraine, aimed at the attitude to the war

This was reported by political consultant Alex kovzhun.

“23 percent of the population participated in voluntary movement. In Kiev — a 77 per cent. The war forced us to Wake up. To feel keenly their vulnerability. It’s not something that can be passed on whose shoulders”, he said.

Lukashenko has threatened Putin objects at the border: soon we’ll do something else, we can fight you won’t
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According to experts, in the beginning of the war the society have felt full of energy. But then the situation changed.

“Now the society is tired. The election fatigue will try to capitalize on all sorts of “party of peace”. In 2014 we were scared by the horrors and tortures of Ukrainian prisoners. But this is only mobilized, we wanted revenge. So the enemy chose a different tactic. Decided to euthanize us. To impose the idea: “Oh, Yes, there is some war. Just killing people, sorry for them. Poroshenko makes money on that”, — he stressed.

At the same time, claims Kovzhun, during the war changed people. We became stronger and angrier.

“Turned with a mock angry Ukrainians in the Bandera, which it is better not to touch. Peace is better than war. But, as in a street fight. To the person give a hand and help to rise, it must first knock down,” said he.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian security services have exposed a bold new plan of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on Ukraine. This was reported head of the SBU Victor Kononenko.

“The goal is to create a so — called controlled chaos. The main areas that we see today — the incitement to religious hatred, due to the possibility of Ukraine’s Thomas, as well as the organization of events on the active influence to force the Ukrainian leadership to make concessions to the aggressor state and the initiation of peace negotiations on favorable terms to the aggressor”, — he said.

Moreover, Kononenko also spoke about the main goal of these provocations Putin.

“This movement has to grow in the protests throughout Ukraine, followed by blocking of public authorities in the capital. The goal is to persuade the government to conclude peace agreements on favorable terms to the aggressor. We see these plans and work on their prevention”, he stressed.

Recall that the loot won again: become aware of worrisome for Ukrainians, the triumph of Putin.

As he wrote Politekа, the network ridiculed a strange gesture Putin at a meeting with trump.

Politeka also wrote that Putin was spotted keeping hands with a man.

Source: channel 24

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