Expert: “In any case, the meeting of Putin and trump will end the arrangements”

The summit in Helsinki in any case will end some of the arrangements between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald trump. As reported replyua.net with reference to the Apostrophe, this opinion was made by Ihar Tyshkevich, the analyst of the Ukrainian Institute of the future.

“Minimum option is the best for Ukraine – the agreement on hydrocarbons, South stream 2, and the remaining issues are not resolved. And the parties made a joint statement on Ukraine, that they are for some sort of peacekeepers in the Donbass,” – said Tyszkiewicz. He also admitted the possibility that Putin and trump agree on Iran, Syria and North Korea, and about the format of peacekeepers in the Donbass. The analyst also does not exclude the worst variant for Ukraine.

“Great why, when crises turn into crises. That is, the US get Russia’s concessions on North Korea, Iran, perhaps North stream-2 and Syria, and Russia gets the concessions on the sanctions on Ukraine. And the worst option, when the United States de facto recognize the control over the Crimea and in the package with this is some form of peacekeepers. For us it is simply dangerous from the point of view of the explosion of the political situation”, – the expert added.

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