Expert: “In the United States and Europe became hysterical over meeting trump and Putin”

In Europe and the USA there was a real hysteria about the meeting the American and Russian presidents in Helsinki. As reported replyua.net about this on his page in Facebook wrote Israeli expert Solomon Mann.

“The former head of the CIA Brennan wrote in his Twitter that the trump meeting with Putin – is a betrayal of the United States. Similar hysterical chorus of Democrats USA, whose ambitious dreams of permanent revolution with global Islamic terror has shattered trump has already been rocked by Washington,” writes Mann. According to him, very excited friends of John McCain in the Republican party and demanded that the President of the United States war.

The expert notes that, most likely, these Republicans just do not Shine: the meeting has already taken place and something happened that was planned long ago, and it was well thought out. Mann added that Donald trump won again, and the President of the United States, no one can stop.

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