Expert: “the Leader of North Korea is forced to agree to all the terms of the United States”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Ynu will have to agree to nuclear disarmament of the DPRK on the terms offered to the United States because Pyongyang did not remain allies, which would help keep the country afloat.

Reports replyua.net with reference to the Browser, this opinion was voiced by the American military Harry Tabaha. “I would not say that the war is over, but going in the right direction in order to finish it. And all those who said that nothing happens, that is not enough, not enough, but just not done, of course. But the most important step has been taken,” – said Tabs.

In his opinion, the talks trump and UN – this is a very serious precedent, and the opinion trump in Pyongyang will definitely listen and will quickly begin to fulfill its requirements. According to Tabaka, before North Korea promised something, she gave money, food, give her everything, and she is absolutely not followed, and waits for the next time. Now Kim Jong-UN realized that trump is not a joke.

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