Experts: Election of Medvedchuk, Chairman of the political Council of the “For life” means that the single candidate to be

The message that Viktor Medvedchuk headed the political Council of the party “For life”, not only became the top topic in the media, but has generated heated debate in the expert community: how will the events develop further in the opposition camp, will accelerate if the nomination of a single candidate and how the position of Medvedchuk can affect the alignment of forces ahead of the elections. We collected the opinions of scientists, analysts and ordinary members “For life”, which assessed this fact

According to political expert Pavel Carnesecchi, the fact that Viktor Medvedchuk became the head of the political Council of the party “For life” will have important implications not only for the political process in General, but also to accelerate the process of unification of opposition forces.

“The fact that Medvedchuk headed the political Council was predictable and logical decision. On the one hand, the political Council of the party “For life” we need a political leader and Medvedchuk just the leader, which even the French English and other foreign media are perceived as an influential political figure. In fact, the political Council of the party got an influential leader. In turn, Medvedchuk received the structure from which it can continue the unification of the opposition political forces of Ukraine”, — said Karnazytsky broadcast NewsOne.

According to analysts, 30 to 50% of voters in the Southeast support the political agenda of Medvedchuk and “For life”.

“Today, as a member of the political Council, Medvedchuk could consolidate around “For life” by smaller parties, as well as to enter into negotiations with larger parties to nominate a single candidate from a single political force,” — said Karnazytsky and said that those forces who oppose the entry of Ukraine into NATO and defend the rights of Russian citizens.

The political scientist Evgeny Filindash believes that the results strengthen the party “For freedom” Viktor Medvedchuk, as Chairman of the political Council will speak on the results of activities of the political forces.

“How will this affect the activities of the party? Will have to look at it because, on the one hand, with the appearance of Medvedchuk has been increased, but, on the other hand, there was a decrease after the release of Murewa. What will become of the party “For life” plus and what is minus, time will tell. Medvedchuk — the figure of a heavyweight in terms of hardware policy, experience and international connections. Will have to see how “life” will continue to act and what will be the concrete steps of the party,” said Filindash in the air “112 Ukraine”.

The head of the Odessa regional organization of the party “For life” Nikolay Pundik believes that, from the point of view of ordinary members of opposition parties, Medvedchuk is a very serious catalyst of integration processes.

“Today, the willingness to unite is present among a significant part of the party “Opposition bloc” party “For life” and many other opposition public and political organizations in the country. Therefore, the fact that Viktor Medvedchuk became the head of the political Council of the party “For life” is very good, this event will give a new impetus to the development of the party. And in all respects – organizational, personnel and other”, — said Pundik in the air “112 Ukraine,” adding that attempts to demonize Medvedchuk, who are his opponents, is unlikely to affect the opinion of sympathizers and supporters “For life”.

People like Medvedchuk, well-organized, they know how to operate the processes of economic and political, said the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“These people are well organized, they know how to operate the processes of economic and political. It would be helpful. They can update the request for a positive past. They can successfully play the card in the elections,” — said the Shroud in the comments of the “112 Ukraine”.

The fact that Medvedchuk headed the political Council of the party “For life” indicates that a process of consolidation of opposition forces is ongoing, said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“This is the dialogue that occurs between the “Opposition bloc” and “For life” for the nomination of a single candidate. I think the single candidate to be,” predicted the analyst.

At the successful completion of negotiations with the opposition sure and political expert Volodymyr Katsman, who are counting on their speedy completion.

“I think the arrival of Medvedchuk in the party “For life” will significantly strengthen the position of the party, will greatly enhance the simplicity of the search for the rapprochement of these parties. You know what it is, it’s not specific names. The fact that United into a single structure, these forces will significantly change the balance of political forces, which are analyzed now,” said Katzman.

Recall, Viktor Medvedchuk was elected Chairman of the political Council of the party “For life”.

As reported Politeka, offer Medvedchuk about the Association became a subject №1 for the South-East.

Also Politeka wrote that Viktor Medvedchuk said the fantasy premiere, about “reducing the debt”.

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