Facebook has blocked more than 800 pages and accounts in anticipation of the November elections in the United States

Employees of the social network Facebook has blocked over 800 pages and user accounts for spreading false information ahead of a planned November elections in the United States, reported the American TV channel CNN.

“We blocked 559 pages 251 account due to the fact that they constantly broke the rules on non-proliferation of spam messages,” the statement said Facebook employees responsible for the security of the social network.

Thus in the statement it is underlined that these pages and accounts activated “at this time — shortly before the elections for the United States.”

In Facebook said that these are the ways to mislead users as placing persons with false names false information on political issues, engaging the public on third party websites and increase the popularity of the records in a social network using unauthorized tools.

November 6, the U.S. will be mid-term elections to Congress, which will be elected members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, a significant portion of senators and governors.

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