Finno-Ugric peoples

Finno-Ugric peoples

In recent times saying no Russian Slavs, and joined them Finno-Ugric peoples with a big admixture of the Tartars. Isn’t that slander Finns, Hungarians, Estonians and Tatars too? This question asked the Russian leader in a Straight line (an extended version of the second rehearsal). Rectilinear Putin replied:

This is not a slander, and denunciation, pulls a shot! I’ve been in Finland. No house, covered with hay. No-ad-on-in!
It is unclear what they the soup run in the spring.

Or take Hungary, where people have the right to free stay in a makeshift puddle, but the Hungarians do not enjoy this right, although there’s enough space for everyone. Then what we are Finno-Finns?

Or another example, offhand: I specifically Kazan Governor toured the city in search of drunks.

Found two – one, he the other. Two people in metropolis is a significant figure, almost zero. Maybe the city is in front of us cleared out? I haven’t checked. But there is the old rule: purely not where clean and where cleaned.

So if they are not Russian, we are not Finno-Tatars?

– The Finns, I repeat, no villages. Them in the forest wherever you bring easy after the store – even in a farm on the outskirts of the natural city, to spit at someone.

Sorry, we are not fully freed them in the winter. Quickly acquainted with the culture of the Russian village. Outside 21, and in the Kalevala. there is no place to get stuck! Not to mention the wall to wall.

But scientists entomologists just claim that we have one with them culture.

– Whistling! In Tatarstan the Orthodox Church does not smell, I smelled it. The Hungarian Lecho spoon eating, call the fire brigade The Finns on the dry law live – instead of wet. What kind of community cultures here you can baslat?! Our man parched mouth in the morning and have them already in the evening!

– Nevertheless, the General trend is: about the theory of our Komi-sumskogo origin of hordes say to all who does not scrap. A Russian laziness, and what would they.

– Envy! Many people want to cling. And for nothing! But we all atmaram, we don’t need someone else’s Dharma, its lack.

– Do you think that Russian language in General Slavic?

– Where he tries to go! Otherwise, what Leahu Hutsuls and the poles took over we have a bunch of colorful words and informal complaints? Why would they? XS!

Yeah, these are the ancient roots of Church Slavonic origin in Novo-maaskovsky version, right?

– Stop pumping. I Lithuanian-Hungarian I do not know, my grandmother lullaby in Mordovskaya sang.

Here, Magyar crap you heard? They when no one sees through an interpreter to communicate, no words humanly.

Maybe we like them at least a character?

– Who?! Estonian brakes? As we say in the barracks, do not tell my stripes!

Our man brake until the harness,
but harness it – if harnessed – I’ll catch up! Brake fluid is not enough! I personally don’t suggest to catch up, then will not wash out.

– So face at least?

– About Darwin in school told you?


– Look at our homespun miss Russia. The look on his enlightened face! The whole evolution with missing links in your hand!

And they have pure Barbie, I specially before going to sleep every time browsing. You Barbie bedtime like? My 15 years as sick. But nothing to do, the hands will not order.

– So what makes us different?

– The mind! I just proved. I can repeat.

Or here’s another: could we reach Bering Strait, if it were Mansi-Veps? Not of monsi, and muncey! Answer: could have?! That’s what it is.

– So, we still Russia?

– How! Russa does not happen. The word Colonel! Although I’m actually a fourth term the General.


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