Foreign policy should be aimed at ensuring the security of Ukraine, protection of citizens and the promotion of its economic interests — Gritsenko

Nominated as a presidential candidate of Ukraine, leader of the party “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko believes that foreign policy should be aimed at ensuring the country’s security, protecting its citizens and promoting its economic interests in relations with international partners.

“Our foreign policy and diplomacy will be aimed at fulfilling three key objectives: security of Ukraine, protection and liberation of our citizens, which is especially relevant today, and the third is the dominance of the economic component in relations with international partners. Promotion of our goods on foreign markets – it jobs and technology here in Ukraine,” he told reporters on Saturday after the submission of documents to CEC for registration as a candidate for President of Ukraine.

The politician said that if elected President, will provide a strong internal and external policy of the state. “Nobody will dictate to Ukraine how to act,” he said.

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