Former assistant Secretary of state noted that the United States needs to state clearly that occupation of another country that they would not keep her from membership in the EU or NATO.

Kramer noted that compared to the 2014 year in Ukraine increased support for joining NATO Uninclusive NATO will provide Ukraine with security guarantees and deepen integration with Euro-Atlantic community.

Read macgeneration the UN mission in the Donbas is unlikely to be implemented – the former U.S. assistant Secretary of state

This opinion was expressed by a senior expert at the International University of Florida and former U.S. assistant Secretary of state David Kramer, reports Voice of America. He noted that the responsibility for ending the war in the Donbas lies with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who these days refuses to acknowledge that there are Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine.

“Compared to what it was before 2014, Ukraine increased support for the ideas of joining NATO. I think the future of Ukrainian – NATO. NATO promised in 2008 that Ukraine and Georgia will become members of the Alliance. Ukraine and NATO have to make this promise was fulfilled. It is in the interests of Ukraine, and give Ukraine security guarantees and deepen integration with Euro – Atlantic community,” said Kramer.

Former assistant Secretary of state noted that the United States must make clear that the occupation of another strani Russia will not be able to retain its membership in the European Union or NATO.

“Of course, in the case of NATO more difficult in the first place, with regard to guarantees of military security. It should be clear that the doors remain open and we are moving to welcome Ukraine and Georgia through those doors,” – said the expert on the question of whether Ukraine and Georgia to move toward membership in NATO and the EU, despite the problems of the occupied territories.

“This is Russia invaded Ukraine, not Vice versa. I think the West’s response must be stronger, more pressure on the Kremlin. I do not think, however, that we will see some changes in this direction until after the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine,” said Kramer.

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