Funny conversation of Putin with the workers of the shipyard “Zvezda”.

Funny conversation of Putin with the workers of the shipyard “Zvezda”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a trip in the Primorsky territory visited the shipbuilding complex “Zvezda”, located in a Large Stone on the East Bank of the Ussuri Bay. A video recording of Putin’s conversation with the company’s employees posted on the Kremlin website.

Telegram-TV has noticed that the Kremlin was initially posted and a text transcript of the conversation, but then quickly deleted it.

When we are talking about relatively low salaries of ordinary workers, the President hastened to divert the conversation in a different direction and condescendingly suggested that he is presented with incorrect data.

Funny conversation of Putin with the workers of the shipyard “Zvezda”. His transcript got lost then with the Kremlin website. But remained in the Google cache: https://t.co/n90fvWCeYB pic.twitter.com/DzRYha0XjK

— Rustem Adagamov (@adagamov) September 11, 2018

Vladimir Putin: Good Afternoon! How are you?
Remark: Very well.
Vladimir Putin: How are you?
Remark: work Perfectly, good.
Vladimir Putin: a Good company?
Remark: a Very good enterprise is a lot of work.
Vladimir Putin: Salaries have to be decent.
Remark: Yes, a decent salary.
Vladimir Putin: How many do You have?
Remark: I Have? I’m the boss!
Vladimir Putin: All the same. It is immediately obvious that You are the boss. (Laughter.)
Remark: 100 thousand.
Vladimir Putin: And the average at the company about what?
Remark: the Average enterprise? Who can tell about the mean, comrades?
Vladimir Putin: About 90?
Remark: No, You are. 30-40 thousand.
Remark: It is average.
Vladimir Putin: 30-40 is like on the edge.
Remark: don’t know.
Vladimir Putin: I know: in the region of intermediate – 40.
Remark: we Have higher, not hurt.
Remark: the Average, the HR Department says – 70 thousand.
Vladimir Putin: the Division of personnel know.
Remark: Yes, we trust her.
Vladimir Putin: Okay.
Remark: Thank You.
We’re so glad You came to us, thank You very much, waited a long time for You. Come again.

The President asked to name a specific amount, after which his companion hesitated, and then admitted that he is a senior position, which receives 100 thousand roubles.

When Vladimir Putin was asked to name the average salary in the company. While the workers were wondering which number to call, the President suggested that the average wage reaches 90 thousand rubles.

At this point, the low worker older broke down and blurted out: “What are You? 30 – 40 thousand”.

The crowd began to gently convince a woman that she’s wrong. President Putin said that the worker voiced the average salary across Primorsky Krai.

A boss, in which “all well and fine,” reported: “the personnel Department says, (the average salary) – 70 thousand”. “The HR Department knows”, – said the President.

“Yes, we it (the employee of the personnel Department) trust” – confirmed female-head.

The head of state added that work was “lucky” because they work on such a large unique enterprise, the construction of which became a national project.

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