Garden has said it is ready for political Union in the parliamentary elections

Lviv mayor, leader of the party “Association “Samopomich”, the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Andriy Sadovy has said it is ready for the unification of democratic political forces at the parliamentary elections this autumn.

As reports “gromadske radio”, in the program “Freedom of choice”, answering the question whether he is ready to unite with the liberal presidential candidates, Mr. orchard said his candidacy was supported by the party. However, he added that he sees the possibility of a broader Alliance in the parliamentary elections.

“Without quality of the Parliament will be nothing. For me it is very important to unite and Vakarchuk (musician and social activist Svyatoslav Vakarchuk — if), and Gritsenko (the leader of the party “Civic position”, the presidential candidate Anatoly Gritsenko – if), “Demalyansa” (Association of “Demalyans”]), “the power of the people” (the party “people’s Force” — if), all sane political structures that we in the parliamentary elections were a strong team and had a majority in Parliament. Then really it will all change, ” — said Mr. orchard.

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