Glory to Ukraine and werewolves in Parliament: who voted against the patriot act for the APU

The Verkhovna Rada has adopted the law on change of military greeting for the Ukrainian army

Thursday, September 6, MPs voted at first reading for a bill to change military greeting “Glory to Ukraine — Glory to Heroes!”.

For the bill No. 9036 voted 283 MP.

The law States that the person who handed over the battle flag, will be welcomed by the personnel of the military unit receipt with the words “Glory to Ukraine”. The military, in turn, will respond to this greeting with the words “glory to the Heroes!”. Then the commander of military unit serves a reply.

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The document also stipulates that the greeting of the chief or senior military rank of “Glory to Ukraine” all the military, which is in order, will answer “glory to Heroes”. The same applies to bid farewell to a senior officer or supervisor.

During the voting, the deputies wanted to change the bill, spread it on just for the APU, but on the interior, and also proposed to adopt the draft law as a whole. Nevertheless, the relevant Committee and the Chairman of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy did not support the proposal.

It should be noted that strongly against this law by the “Opposition bloc”. In addition to one extra fractional Deputy, against the law voted only representatives of this political force. Among those who voted “against” were White, O. P., Voropaev, Y. M., Koval S. V., Kolesnikov D. V., Matvienko S. A., Marcovicci A. B., Wraith J. M., and D. Shpenov Yu.

At the same time, Parubiy put to the vote the proposal of an accelerated procedure for the preparation of the bill a second reading, and it was supported by the deputies.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian army has changed the greeting. August 24, at the parade on the occasion of independence Day of Ukraine, which was called “March of Independence” has officially made a new military greeting “Glory to Ukraine! Glory To The Heroes!”.

Prior to that, military personnel officially used the greeting of the Soviet time.

Note that the first part of the greeting — Glory to Ukraine! — appeared in the times of Ukrainian national Republic (1917-1920). “Glory to Ukraine!” with the answer “glory to Heroes!” was adopted as the organizational password greeting among members of the OUN and UPA in the beginning of the Second world war.

Special distribution greeting received through the use of activists and supporters of the Euromaidan in 2013-2014.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Marines have got new symbols.

As reported Politeka, prospects of the seventh wave of mobilization, the men will not be released from Ukraine.

Also Politeka told that the Park APU, supplemented by dozens of fighters and attack aircraft.

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