“Going to shoot indiscriminately”: Babchenko opened revealing the murder in Kerch

“Going to shoot indiscriminately”: Babchenko opened revealing the murder in Kerch

In 25 years of independence of Ukraine (annexation of Crimea), Kerch, there was no terrorist attacks, explosions, or other emergency. And only after the arrival of Russia in the Crimea began the “military hysteria”.

This opinion was expressed on his page on Facebook journalist Arkady Babchenko, commenting on the killings at the Polytechnic College. According to him, the “treatment” population was carried out in particular by television.

“Twenty-five years in Kerch never heard about any columbamine and attacks. Then comes Russia. The Peninsula begins a military hysterical. Parades, firing, fleet, around the Nazis. Zomboyaschik around the clock, for years begins to pour directly into the brain, bypassing the thinking centers, tantrum, aggression, xenophobia, superiority, greatness, fascism, fascism, fascism, kill, nuclear ashes, get to Kiev, hatred-hatred-hatred, surrounded by enemies-enemies-enemies, war-war-war, to punish-to punish-to take revenge”, – he wrote.

According to Babchenko, under the influence of this in the Kerch College and adopted a plan of combating terrorism for the 2017-2018 year.

“Then the students handed out the guns, put them in military uniforms and have a play about death, about the Nazis, about how cool all to die for their country. And then the guy with the “Vkontakte” pictures about “Novorossia” and the resistance to fascism, assemble two IEDs, buys a shotgun and goes to shoot right and left indiscriminately. Really, what does Russia…” – concluded the journalist.

The attack in Kerch. Dress rehearsal

The College occupied Kerch. Propaganda of war, shooting, explosions. “The fight goes”. “Let a hundred men go down”. “And even death shall release her fire attacks”… the same picture in Russia. And then they are surprised when Teens are taking this from the scene in real life

Explosions colleges in the Crimea will soon become commonplace

Explosions colleges in the Crimea will soon become commonplace. The story of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about how the Russian invaders of the Crimean teach children to lay mines, set stretching and to handle weapons

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