He noted that the theme of the meeting of NATO with Ukraine and Georgia will become the defence reform and cooperation.

Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine-Georgia will be held next week photo UNIAN

Ukraine will have the opportunity to present its position regarding cooperation with NATO next week at the NATO meeting with Ukraine and Georgia, which will be held during the second day of the NATO summit in Brussels.

Read takeevery promises to block any decision of the summit Ukraine-the NATO-Georgia

Unlike the conventional Protocol, NATO will hold a meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO due to the blocking of such meetings from Hungary. Hungary will retain a veto on the negotiations of Ukraine with NATO not yet settled the issue of the oppression of rights, which, in the opinion of Hungary, Transcarpathian Hungarians are against. The Ministry of foreign Affairs and trade of Hungary told Voice of America.

“Ukraine can not be taken seriously as a country that is approaching the EU and NATO with the intent to join those organizations. For these reasons, the Hungarian government will hold a veto on the negotiations between NATO and Ukraine before the time, until we receive the appropriate legal guarantees that the rights of Hungarians in Transcarpathia are not broken”, – stated in the comments of the Ministry.

For its part Ukraine hopes that at the NATO summit, which will take place next week in Brussels, the Alliance will renew assurances of support for its territorial integrity.

In an interview to Kyiv Post Vadim pristayko, the head of mission of Ukraine to NATO, says that “the most important outcome of the summit will be the support of Ukraine by NATO”, and the theme of the meeting of NATO with Ukraine and Georgia will become the defence reform and cooperation.

It “will allow us to discuss a wide range of issues in the field of security, including the security of the region, around Ukraine, in Ukraine, in the Crimea, on the Black sea, is practically all that we want to discuss with the Alliance, says Pristayko. – The President (Poroshenko) will be able to present what Ukraine is doing to reform the defense sector, security and cooperation, to emphasize what has been done since the summit in Warsaw”.

Ukraine also hopes to obtain partnership status with the enhanced dialogue and cooperation. The invitation of Ukraine to become a partner with enhanced capabilities is a natural step in the Alliance’s relations with Kyiv, says the former Deputy Secretary General of NATO Alexander Vershbow.

However, from this summit, Vershbow does not expect significant decisions. “The big question of the summit – it is the intention of Donald trump. If he will concentrate mainly on the question of equal burden? This can overshadow the importance of the Alliance, the importance of its unity, the importance of effective strategies on how we behave with Russia. If trump is to see the future and recognize that NATO is an asset for the United States, it will be a joyful meeting, however, if it is not, it will be an unpleasant experience for all participants,” – said Vershbow.

Former Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper said in comments to Kyiv Post that due to the hectic of the G7 summit, which recently took place in Canada and when trump refused to sign the final statement should not be laid on the NATO summit. “It is very difficult to predict the dynamics between leaders at the summit, because of what happened at the G7 summit and some other meetings,” said Harper.

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen expects NATO “demonstrate unity and solidarity that the summit will not end the rift between the United States and other countries-members of the Alliance. If this is achieved, it will be a success,” – says Rasmussen.

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