He was afraid to even power: crime boss “Cartoon” quietly released

Crime boss “Cartoon”, which kept in awe the whole area quietly released

The man feared even by the officials, and the operation of detention which was broadcast Prosecutor General’s office, quietly released from prison.

About Mikhail Titov, Nikolayev became known two years ago. Then at the Cabinet meeting the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure has complained that “Ukravtodor” can not hold tenders for road repair, because government contracts are trying to take the firm, controlled by “Cartoon”.

Mikhail Titov had previously been convicted of a double murder. At the end of the last decade, it is with special cruelty killed other crime bosses who came to “work” in his region. In addition to murder, there are still many articles which lit up “Cartoon”. This is racketeering, drug trafficking, embezzlement of public funds, attacks on businesses, etc.

In the last year Titov in nikolayevshchina organized a real gang, which literally kept at Bay area. A lot of businesses have lost business because they really “liked the Cartoon.”

The coverage of activities of “Cartoon” growing every day and local residents the city Council has been called “Gorsovet”. The problem responded to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

In particular, the Prosecutor’s office decided to conduct a special operation in which were arrested “Cartoon”. He was placed in jail, and the city began to live a new way, because the chief of the robber punished. Then Lutsenko was awarded the prosecutors who investigated the case Titova, and behind him sat the head nikolayevskoy yeah Alexey Savchenko, who personally applauded the security forces for the operation.

But it would not be a modern Ukraine, if the story ended with a “happy ending”. It turns out that the court quietly changed the measure of restraint Titov and he was released. And before that jail was found dead sidekick “Cartoon”, which was an important witness in the case.

Most interesting is that “Cartoon” today attends social events with the Governor Savchenko, who recently applauded the arrest of criminals.

Humiliated Lavrov and Peskov got on video: the owner let

We will remind, earlier, on the eve of the shot wanted to solve an important problem: the first results of the investigation of the death of the hero.

As reported Politeka, the Governor of nikolayevshchina Savchenko may be involved in the suicide Voloshin.

Also Politeka told that the hero of the scandalous suicide of correspondence of the pilot Voloshin called “close your mouth”

Source: channel 24

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