Healthy death

Healthy death

The Ministry of health has proposed to introduce excise taxes on products “red meat”. Simply put – for sausage and meat products. This is justified, of course, concern about the health of the people.

Some Daria Halturina pointed to a study by British researchers (and this is no joke), according to which the people are dying like flies from eating red meat.

The introduction of the excise tax, would naturally lead to a rise in price of meat, sausages, sausages – from 15 to 130 percent. People will become healthier, you will never die from eating meat, but will be commonplace to die of hunger.

Not all of course, but in this case it is not so important – someone’s hunger, someone cold, someone from disease.

Chicken grain by grain, as they say.

Power directly concerned in the murder of the population, not in a hurry. Moreover, all these activities will lead to additional withdrawal of money from the population.

The Nazis in the concentration camps was also very Thrifty – not just burned their victims, and previously tore gold teeth out of his mouth, they cut hair for stuffing mattresses, and meat and bone meal used as fertilizer. The Kremlin gang is living according to the precepts of their ideological mentors.


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