Henchman Putin invented a story about the “Russian world”: In a drunken joy has assigned Ukraine

Controversial Russian promoter Vladimir Solovyov noted another piece of nonsense, plaiting his favorite concept of “Russian world” and to Catherine the great, and Vladimir Lenin

In the broadcast of the program “Sunday evening” on TV channel “Russia 1” he sarcastically said, allegedly Ukraine owes its existence to this concept.

The nightingales began to rave about Ukraine allegedly illegally appropriated the lands conquered by the Russian Empress Catherine, without the right to it.

The concept of “Russian world” which the propaganda in Russia has been actively used in recent years, is now trying to link to earlier events.

Putin ridiculed because of confusion with trump: Shnyrev ran to bow
In the world

“I want to remind you that the “Russian world” has spread so much that it is the “Russian world” created the modern Ukraine. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who you don’t like, he was talking in Russian. And like it or not, a representative of the “Russian world”, as Catherine the Great, conquered all of what you in a drunken joy began to claim. Although you deny Catherine and the Russian Empire”, — arrogant he turned to the Ukrainian guest of the air, social activist Vadim Triukhan.

Earlier it was reported that in the Internet appeared the video, which exposes a new ridiculous lie propagandists Putin. Appropriate personnel published blogger “Phosphoric Gorlovka.”

“Moscow, in 2018. The policemen dragged along the ground an old man with a St. George ribbon for what was selling on the street their belongings (not a good life and a decent pension). Rosebell rubs the Russians that “fascism in Ukraine” and he is in Moscow”, — stated in the message.

Note that the video shows how Russian security forces are trying to “twist” and then dragged by the truck of a pensioner who was trading their belongings. It is noteworthy that this caused a storm of emotions among users of the network.

We will remind, Putin is caught in a new scandal with a female appearance.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainian diplomat, man to man, to teach a lesson to the Kremlin propagandist.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin ridiculed because of confusion with trump.

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