High heels and candid cleavage: how female members go “conquer” Radu

At today’s plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada of women MPs were few, however, who were present decided to “Shine” at all

So Politeka decided to show, looked like the outfits of women in “men’s” work.

So, the Deputy from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Olga Chervakova, in spite of temporary health problems, put on a light blouse and a Golden sleeveless jacket. Completed the image of the handkerchief, which the MP tied at the neck.

Also among the female MPs in the Parliament it was possible to notice the representative of the faction “Samopomich” Oksana Rawfoodist. If the last time she was in a blouse mint color, this time the woman chose a dark green suit and traditional pendant. This time it was made in the shape of an animal.

And here the Deputy from the faction of the Radical party Valeriy Sarajko continues to be “faithful” to their own style. Instead of a closed dress with a belt, it could be seen in the same outfit closed, but it was pink. The Deputy also was in heels.

A similar position was chosen by her fellow faction Elena Kosheleva. The woman chose a classic black pantsuit and high heels. Thus it was possible to notice the outright neckline parliamentarian.

Similar outfit and chose a female MP from the faction “Samopomich” Tetiana Ostrikova. Black pencil dress with a light ruffle she completed elegant necklace.

As previously reported, the results of a study conducted in September 2018, if presidential elections were held next Sunday, the majority of respondents would give their votes for Yulia Tymoshenko (14,9%), Anatoly Gritsenko (8.0 percent), Petro Poroshenko (7,9%) or Vadim Rabinovich (7.2 per cent).

Other candidates would receive less support: Yuriy Boyko and 6.1%, Vladimir Zelensky and 6.1%, Oleg Lyashko — 5,9%, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk was 4.2%. In the survey were listed the names of those politicians who are most likely to take part in the presidential elections.

As for the parliamentary elections, the new composition of the Supreme legislative body of Ukraine would have passed the seven political parties. The highest number of votes will receive the following parties: “Batkivshchyna”, headed by Yulia Tymoshenko (11,3%), “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko (8,2%), “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Solidarity” (7.8 percent), and “For life” Vadim Rabinovich (7.3 per cent).

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