Hollande in his memoirs described how the President of the Russian Federation “was so nervous that she began to finally threaten to crush the army of his opponent”.

Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko / REUTERS

In the Kremlin deny that during the talks in Minsk agreement on 12 February 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

About it said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, answering the question of UNIAN, whether he lied about the threats a negotiator, at that time President of France, Francois Hollande, or is it true, and if true, whether the Kremlin will insist on the term “civil war” in relation to the events in the East of Ukraine.

According to Peskov, “in Ukraine there is a civil war, it continues, despite the fragile ceasefire, and it is an obvious fact, it can hardly be denied”.

“As for the statements of Hollande, since I have not read and do not know the context, I can’t quite judge what he had in mind. It’s hard for me to say,” – said Peskov.

“You know that Putin is very tough, unequivocal position in support of the Russian population, where it may be subject to hostile actions, often bordering on genocide against the attacks of ultra-nationalists and so on. It is the consistent policy of the President of Russia”, – he said.

“It supports Russian in any part of the world and repeatedly talked about this,” the spokesperson said, but added that he read the memoirs of Hollande’s and can’t comment on them.

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On the question of the UNIAN reports, Lee said during talks in Minsk, Putin Poroshenko address “I will crush you”, Peskov replied: “No, I was practically all the talks, I never heard such a phrase”.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in France, came the memoirs of Hollande’s “Lessons of power”, where he recalls how consistent the Minsk agreement.

“Vladimir Putin’s intention was quite obvious, – I wrote to Hollande. He wanted to preserve its influence in the Russian-speaking regions and to weaken the Pro-European government in Kiev. After the failure of the ceasefire, the fighting between the Ukrainian army and separatist paramilitary troops erupted with a new force.”

Western negotiators hoped to “stop the shooting and to find a compromise that would preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine”, but said the ex-President of France, “conference on the ground floor would continue endlessly and was inconclusive: consistent with the objectives of the Russian side.”

“I quickly realized that Putin wants to win time and to delay the cease-fire at a later time to allow the separatists to surround the Ukrainian army and gain additional positions – wrote to Hollande. Together with Angela Merkel we offer to resume negotiations in a narrow format, to abandon dinner and as soon as possible to get to work”.

“The Russian President once so nervous that he threatened to finally crush the army of his opponent. It is issued that the Russian troops in the East of Ukraine is. Putin caught himself and took himself in hand,” – said Hollande.

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